Thursday, January 8, 2009

Change is happening at SoNo

Lots of changes, I'd intended to post this as a Thursday Thirteen, but it didn't happen. I'll post more pictures as things happen.
1) We're weeding the collection (this is now the Reference section).

2) We're getting rid of some bookcases (this used to hold the rest of the Reference collection).

3) And rearranging others(this is non fiction post weeding).

4)We're creating new displays for the library.

5) We'll be redoing the Children's section (this is post weeding).

6) We'll be creating a separate area for teens
7) We're going to rearrange the computers.
8) And add more seating.
9) And some fresh paint.
10) And create more displays.
11) And get self-check out (eventually).
12) And get new materials to replace the ones we've been weeding.
13) And ultimately a bigger space (in the next year or two).

1 comment:

Celticlibrarian said...

We've been doing a lot of weeding, too. Looks great!