Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Ways to Expand Our Library

1) Expand our parking- perhaps with a parking garage.

2) Create a more aesthetic street scape- this is underway.

3) A pleasant and interesting entry

4)Coffee anyone?

5) Perhaps a place to get a quick lunch- it's not just for patrons.

6) Let in the natural light- it can reduce the power bills.

7) A movie theater.

8) A computer lab/quiet study area.

9) Perhaps a few tables for patron use.

10) Perhaps a covered walkway.

11)Or maybe a new building.

12) Something to make us stand out in our neighborhood.

13) After all, we're not asking for this...


Celticlibrarian said...

Can I just live in your images? I love the ones with the big books in them.


Ann@sn said...

Aren't they great? I'd love to get a building even half as awesome as them. :)

Owen said...

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Reuben said...

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