Friday, September 30, 2011


September 1 marked the 72nd anniversary of the invasion of Poland, and the beginning of World War II. In honor of that event, this is a list of books set during or after that time.

Mignon F. Ballard
• Miss Dimple Kilpatrick: a longtime first-grade teacher during World War II, in Elderberry, Georgia

James R. Benn
• Billy Boyle: Boston cop from a family of Boston cops, on the staff of distant relative, General Eisenhower, during WWII

Tony Broadbent
• Jethro: cat burglar recruited by MI5, in post-WWII London, England

Jim Christy
•Gene Castle: private investigator in late 1930s to 1945 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Curt Colbert
•Jake Rossiter: private investigator, and Miss Jenkins, a “Gal Friday” in post-World War II Seattle, Washington

R. Cameron Cooke
•Jack Tremain: navy lieutenant commander on submarines in the South Pacific during World War II

Brian Cooper
• John Spencer Lubbock: retired World War II DCI, in Great Britain

Alan Furst
• Jean Casson: film producer caught up in the Resistance during WWII, in German-occupied Paris, France

Tom Gabbay
• Jack Teller: in World War II and later as a CIA agent

Sarah Gainham
• Julia Homburg: leading actress with the Burg Theater in the late 1930s-1940s, in Vienna, Austria

John Gardner
• Suzie Montford: Woman Police Constable in London, England during WWII

Kathryn Miller Haines
• Rosie Winter: an actress during WWII, in Manhattan, New York City

J. Robert Janes
• Jean-Louis St. Cyr, officer in the French Sûreté Nationale, and Herman Kohler, a Gestapo agent, based in 1940s Paris, France

M.T. Jefferson (H. Paul Jeffers)
• Kate Fallon: young woman during World War Two in a small town in Pennsylvania, in the Homefront mysteries

Philip Kerr
• Bernie Gunther: German private eye who hates the Nazis, in Berlin, Germany, 1936-47

Kate Kingsbury
• Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton, in Sitting Marsh, England during WWII, in the Manor House mysteries

Ken Kuhlken
• Tom Hickey: private investigator, in California and Nevada, and the next generation, Clifford Hickey

John Lawton
• Frederick Troy: police sergeant and later Chief Inspector, from the late 1940s to the 1960s, in London, England

This is only a partial list, for more mysteries about WWII, please go to: Stop You're Killing Me

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