Friday, October 7, 2011

History's Mysteries - #2

On this list of history's mysteries, the author has used a writer from that particular time period as the protagonist of their mysteries.

Susan Wittig Albert
• Beatrix Potter: author and illustrator in the Lake District in 1900s England

Stephanie Barron
• Jane Austen: the famous author in England

Joanna Challis
• Daphne du Maurier: young aspiring author in 1920s Cornwall, England

Lillian De La Torre
• Dr. Sam. Johnson: the real-life 18th-century lexicographer and sage, in London, England

Mary Devlin
• Geoffrey Chaucer: poet and detective in the late 1300s, in England

Simon Hawke
• Will Shakespeare: young writer, and Tuck Smythe, an aspiring actor, the Elizabethan era’s answer to Holmes and Watson, in London, England

Peter J. Heck
• Mark Twain: 19th century American author, and Wentworth Cabot, his secretary, in the USA

Peter King
•Jack London: the author in the 1890s (before his famous novels) in San Francisco, California

Anna Maclean
• Louisa May Alcott: amateur sleuth before becoming a famous author, in pre-Civil War Boston, Massachusetts

William J. Palmer
• Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens: 19th century writers in London, England

Laura Joh Rowland
• Charlotte Brontë: the author, in mid-1880s England

Harold Schechter
• Edgar Allan Poe: in the 1830s-1840s, in Baltimore, Maryland, New York City, and Massachusetts

Nicola Upson
• Josephine Tey: the mystery writer in 1930s Britain

If you are interested in mysteries set in a certain era, or would like to see more mysteries with writers as the protagonist, check out Stop You're Killing Me.

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