Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Construction Photos- Week 25

These were taken Thursday May 2nd, but I was out of town and this was the first chance I've had to post.
The arch and display spaces in children's
The back wall in children's

A long view of children's

Children's Office

Window in Children's Office

The bathroom

The entrance

The fireplace

 The cafe area

 The meeting room

 The reading area

 The Display Space

 Painting the Ceiling

The reference desk and the business center 

The circulation desk

A closer look at the reference desk (space) and the business center,
the half wall is new.
The YA area.  The curved wall will have computers on both sides,
with a frosted glass divider on top.
Another view of the YA area.

The elevater upstairs.
The elevator and the stairs being installed/
And from a (slightly) different angle.
The outside of the reading area.

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