Thursday, April 25, 2013

Construction Photos- Week 24

Here are some more pictures of the construction process, as well as a few from a new perspective.
This is the back of the building, but also where the main entrances will be.  The yellow awnings in the corner of the building is where the public will enter, the brown awning with the open doors are where the courier will come in, and the door under the beige awning is for staff.  The meeting room is off to the left, with its own windows.
This is from the street side of the building, the iron railing will be the outdoor cafe space.
This is the drive-up window and drive-up bookdrop from the outside...
and from the inside.
This is the walk up book drop, next to the staff entrance.
This is the courier room.

This is the display area of the library, as seen from the service desk.
The cafe space.

Another view of the display space.

Another view of the public entrance and the service desk.   The brownish metal squares are part of the stairs up to the children's area.

The history room
The meeting room.

The adult nonfiction area.
The quiet study rooms and the adult fiction area.
Many of the windows will have countertops in front of them so people will have places to read and to use their laptops.
The reading area looking out over the cafe's windows.
Another view of the reading area, showing more of the countertop supports.

More reading area.
The Young Adult area...
and from another angle.
The elevator is getting installed in stages
and another picture of their working parts.
We have stairs
And more stairs.

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