Thursday, April 11, 2013

Construction Photos - week #22

These are the pictures Jessica took today.
The orange crate is where the business center will be and the reference desk will be beside it
The ceiling grid for the drive up window's room.
The window and doors lead into the workroom, and the circ desk will be in front of them.
They have started working on the elevator.
The quiet study rooms will have glass walls and doors (and a drop down ceiling).
The history rooms ceiling grid is in.
This door will be the main entrance into the library.
This is the storage and kitchen for the meeting room: the door on the left is storage, and the kitchen is down the hallway to the right past the doors to outside.
The reading area is also getting a drop down ceiling. 
Inside the workroom.
And the teen area.  The long wall will be bookcases.

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