Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moving Photos- Week 1

The stairs taken from the brief hallway between the children's room upstairs
 and the children's workroom.

A view of the elevator, with the glass wall inside the elevator itself.

The children's room with some of the new furniture.

A view of the library from the public's entrance.

The service desks (reference to the left- circulation to the right) with
boxes of books and new computers.
The paperback browsing area. To the left are the doors to the meeting room.
The mural next to the elevator doors.

And the mural next to it.

The water fountain and the spots for the vending machines.
One will have snacks, the other drinks.
The meeting room with the new smart board.

The meeting room kitchen.

One of the sitting areas near the café.

The café counter.

Seating in the café.
And the view from those seats.

Seating around the fireplace.  The square thing above the fireplace is to hold
one of the many tvs to be placed around the library.

A closer view of the furniture around the fireplace.

The DVD collection.

The nonfiction DVDs.  TV shows are on the back of this shelf.

One of the new computers, The CPU and the monitor are in one piece.

The Young Adult area with the third sail installed.

and another angle.

and also a view of the bookshelves.

The business area.

The nonfictions shelves against the wall.

The main browsing area.

Some of the new spotlights around the library.

and the lovely new air conditioning.

This is the exit from the library's parking lot,
and also the exit for the drive thru.

And last but not least, a view of upstairs through the clear panels on the stairs.

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