Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moving Photos- Week 3

Children's Nonfiction- taken from inside the elevator.

Children's Display- from just outside the elevator
(and having turned to the right).

Another Children's Display- on the other side of the arch.

Children's Display.

Children's Fiction.

A visitor in Children's- he has taken to wandering around the library,
and has been spotted in the Young Adult section, the courier room,
and the adult fiction section.

The display wall in Children's.

Another display in Children's.

Children's series fiction.

Children's DVDs.

A close up of the children's series fiction.

Family computers up in children's.

There will be 5 total.

With a self-checkout computer upstairs.

The view from the top of the stairs.

And a view of the stairs from the walkway
from the elevator to the children's workroom.

Inside the workroom with a view.

A children's display at the bottom of the stairs
to draw the children up.

The paperback fiction area.

With a book case of urban fiction.

Another view of the urban fiction.

New book displays next to the entrance.

More new books.

And more new books.


TV Shows.

Music CDs with audio CDs in the back and to the left.

More books on display.

Cozy seating around the fireplace.

The signage for the history room.

and part of the display for the opening.

Adult fiction.

More fiction.

Large Print.

The manager's office.

The computer bar with the dividers installed.

Computer bar.

More comfy seating.

Computers in the Young Adult area.

And more computers in the Young Adult area.

Young Adult fiction.

New Young Adult fiction.

Young Adult fiction.

New adult nonfiction.

New adult nonfiction DVDs.


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beautiful photos!!:)

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