Thursday, July 18, 2013

Opening Day Photos

It has taken me a while to get these posted, we hit the ground running and I've been getting caught up ever since.
The front of the library.

A view of the library from the reference desk.

A view into the history room.

The public computers (there are 35 downstairs)

The business center- with printer, copier, and fax machine.

The mural in the history room, with conference table.

A view of the library from the history room.

A view of the display area.

More of the computers, and the Young Adult  area.

 The Young Adult area.

The public computers.

The Young Adult area, with a good view of the sails.

A view of the view.

Computer tables and tables for the café area.

One of several cozy seating areas.

Including around the fireplace.

Which also has a flat screen tv and a slide show playing.

The stairs.

The photo collage under the stairs.

with a close up of Lakeside Park.

Children's from the elevator.

The stairs from the walkway between children's and their workroom.

The view from inside the workroom.

and from their doorway.

The view from the top of the stairs.

Inside children's, and the self-checkout.
One of the public computers upstairs, and the children's DVDs.

The children's area.

with comfy furniture,

and places to sit and read,

and play board games.

The entrance into children's.

A display at the entrance.

The plague honoring the former students of South Norfolk school who served in WWII, which had been in the meeting room in the old building.
The meeting room kitchen.

The café, which is not open, yet.

The view outside, from the café.

The reading area.

The café will have its own entrance.

Outside the café.

Outside of the library, taken from Bainbridge Boulevard.

The parking lot and the main entrance for the rest of the building.

More of the plaques, brought over from the old building.

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I love our beautiful new library!